The briefing “Eco- Schemes: The novel tool of the CAP Green Architecture” published by SEO/BirdLife under the UNIFY project, looks into the eco-schemes in Spanish CAP Strategic Plan. It finds out that two of the seven draft eco-schemes proposed by the Spanish Agriculture Ministry are on track to contribute to climate targets, and two of them are poorly aligned with climate targets. Positively, none of the eco-schemes is promoting greenwashing practices, while some of them still need further improvement to deliver on climate targets. Results also show that eco-schemes in their climate performance are mainly focus on the mitigation strategy, leaving aside the adaptation strategy. However, adaptation plays a key role in the fight against climate change, building resilience and reducing vulnerability at climate change impacts, especially in a strongly exposed sector such as

The briefing also takes note of the lack of actions in the proposed eco-schemes aimed at complying with the NECP energy targets. In the current climate context, energy transition is a key element to move towards the decarbonization of all sectors of the economy, including agriculture.