In September 2021, UNIFY partners have published a detailed assessment of national-long term strategies in European countries. Building on this, Central Eastern European NGOs from Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia came together to look into best practices from six Central Eastern European Member States and draw recommendations for the region. This new briefing “Long-term Climate Planning in Central Eastern European Countries” can be downloaded here.

This report is based on publicly available national long term strategies, results of public consultations, as wells as outcomes of series of regional multi-stakeholder workshops and webinars that addressed specific opportunities, but also challenges connected to the long-term climate planning and increasing climate ambition in the region. It also takes into account the European Commission’s assessment of the  submitted long-term strategies.

Central and Eastern European NGOs’ recommend their countries to :
– Include a climate neutrality date which is no later than the EU climate neutrality date under the EU
Climate Law to ensure policy coherence and a longer-term vision for economic, environmental and
societal transition;
– Include analyses and trajectories of the economic transformation in a comprehensive way to address
interlinkages among particular sectors and policies, and to make use of potential synergies;
– Ensure public dialogue and support for the longer-term transition vision.

Long-Term Climate Planning in Central Eastern Europe