24 Feb 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Slovenian Workshop: Role of municipalities in the implementation of the National Energy and Climate Plans

The National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) is one of Slovenia’s most important steps towards climate neutrality by 2050. It defines Slovenia’s energy and climate goals, policies and measures by 2030 and indicates targets by 2040. The implementation of the NECP will contribute to reducing dependence on fossil fuels, more sustainable solutions in transport, households, industry, agriculture and will have many other positive social effects. As the policies of the transition to a climate-neutral society are most visibly implemented in practice at the local level, municipalities and local communities will be a key actor in the implementation of the NECP and, more broadly, in Slovenia’s transition to climate neutrality.

At this event organised by FOCUS, we will try to answer three key questions:

Why the NECP is so important,

Why it is crucial to implement it

What is the role of municipalities and other local actors in this endeavour?

As a fair transition to a green society and economy at local level will require a number of investments, we will also address the role of EU funds. We will be particularly interested in how these funds can help municipalities to implement measures more effectively.

The language of this event is Slovenian.

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