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The past data comes from : Renewable energies in France in 2019 – Follow-up to Directive 2009/2/EC on promoting the use of renewable energy sources (in French) Les énergies renouvelables en France en 2019 – Suivi de la directive 2009/28/CE relative à la promotion de l’utilisation des énergies renouvelables | Données et études statistiques (

The targets are to be found in the PPE (French NECP).

Remarks/ Comments: France’s target for 2020, within the framework of the European directive in this area, is to achieve 23% renewable energy sources in gross final energy consumption. As part of the 2015 Act, France has set a target of 32% in 2030.

Renewable energies use resources whose natural rate of renewal makes them inexhaustible on a human time scale. The percentage represents the ratio of national production of renewable energies to final energy consumption. The targets are taken from the trajectory set by France in its national action plan for renewable energy.


Compared to the 2019 trajectory



Real share of energy from renewable sources in gross final consumption of energy in 2019



NECP Trajectory for 2019